The Bikes of Wrath documents the journey of five Australian friends as they attempt to cycle from Oklahoma to California in honour of the mighty westward migration undertaken by John Steinbeck's Joad family in his seminal novel, the Grapes of Wrath. 

Riding more than 80 kilometres (50 miles) a day, with bikes weighed down by cameras, instruments and solar panels, the team set themselves the challenge to survive off a total budget of $420 (the modern day equivalent of the meagre $18 the Joads had when they set out for California in the late 1930s), and whatever their musical performances yielded.


The aim is to create a feature-length documentary that captures the adventures and hardships that characterised this unique journey - physical struggle, human connection, cultural commentary - all fuelled by the spirit of discovery and the group's reflections on Steinbeck's America. While the feature-length documentary will be aimed at festivals around the world, we will also be editing a 6 x 25 minute version of the trip which will be pitched to television networks and online streaming platforms. This process will be led by Cameron Ford, an award-winning filmmaker based in Melbourne.